We asked G.D. Penman to share with us a playlist of the music he listened to while writing The Year of the Knife. He even organized it for us.

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General Music: Because of the divergent history of The Year of the Knife, music that we take for granted as old hat is only just coming to the fore. In the American colonies this means that country music and bluegrass are the next big thing. Of course, culture and music are deeply intertwined, and urbanisation has already happened, so these bluegrass bands can’t be singing purely about rural experiences.

  • Thunderstruck- Steve and the Seagulls
  • Rocketman- Iron Horse
  • In The Pines- Grateful Dead

Songs for Sully: If Sully knew that somebody was making a playlist for her, she would probably be furious. She has some problems with sentimentality.

  • If I Had A Heart- Fever Ray
  • Long Live The Chief- Jidenna
  • Paint it Black- Rolling Stones

Songs for Marie: The relationship between Sully and Marie might be the heart of the book, and indeed the whole series of stories surrounding it, but it isn’t all positive… or even mostly positive. Love is funny like that.

  • King Harvest- Dancing in the Moonlight
  • Chandelier- Sia
  • Closer- The Tiny

Songs for Eugene the Sailor Doll: This creepy little demon doll would probably love to have a playlist, if someone explained what a playlist was. He would probably listen to it on loop while staring at you.

  • Bring Your Whole Crew- DMX
  • Devil Went Down to Georgia- Primus
  • Down With The Sickness- Richard Cheese

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