We hope you take a moment to check out this fun interview with The Mercy of the Tide author, Keith Rosson over at TNB!

This is an incredibly depressing book. The Mercy of the Tide, huh? Should be called The Mercilessness of the… Pages. Or something. Jesus! It’s unrelenting, the bummers.

Great. Thanks. Great way to start an interview. And let the record show that I don’t entirely agree. It’s a downer at times, sure, but I think there are bright spots. And I don’t think it was an arbitrary decision the writer made. Like, “Ah, I’m just gonna make an unrelenting crapshow of four people’s lives for three hundred pages. Just for the hell of it.” It’s about story, you know?

 Right, but you know what I mean. You seem pretty upbeat in real life, you know? Jolly enough dude.

But you and I know the torpor that lurks beneath, don’t we?

Eh. I know you’ve been waiting to use that word. Seriously though, this is just… I mean, there’s a monster in it, but the monster’s almost secondary. And it’s set in an alternate timeline in 1983-84 that’s very similar to our own, but even that’s almost beside the point.

Yeah. It’s about characters. Story.

Bummed characters.

Well, all four of the main characters – the book rotates from viewpoint to viewpoint – are struggling with grief. They’ve all lost someone. They’re all navigating through it best they can. It’s a character-driven book, man.

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The Mercy of the Tide

The Mercy of the Tide

Riptide, Oregon, 1983. A sleepy coastal town, where crime usually consists of underage drinking down at a Wolf Point bonfire. But then strange things start happening—a human skeleton is unearthed in a local park and mutilated animals begin appearing, seemingly sacrificed, on the town’s beaches. The Mercy of the Tide follows four people drawn irrevocably together by a recent tragedy as they do their best to reclaim their lives—leading them all to a discovery that will change them and their town forever.

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