We guessed that with Tom Epperson’s background in screenwriting, the making of the book trailer for Roberto to the Dark Tower Came would probably be something special. And it was! Tom traveled to Columbia to work with director Carlos Gaviria and a host of actors and extras, including Iván Lopez, who plays Roberto in the trailer, and Estefania Pineres, who plays Lina. Fortunately for us, he has shared his amazing adventure in three parts on his blog. We can’t wait to see the final book trailer, which of course we’ll be sharing with you in 2018!

“I’ve written a novel called Roberto to the Dark Tower Came, which will be published next May.  It’s about a young left-wing South American journalist who receives a disturbing phone call:  an anonymous voice tells him he has ten days to leave the country or he’ll be killed.  Roberto takes the voice seriously, and makes plans to leave, but then he gets wind of a big story developing in the jungle.  He decides to take a quick trip to investigate the story, and then get out of the country before his ten days are up.  And so begins a journey up a river and through the jungle and into the heart of a darkness so deep Roberto wonders if he’ll ever see the light again.

I flew to Colombia to make a trailer to promote the book.  Trailers for books are a relatively new thing.  Most of the ones I’ve perused on the internet have been pretty basic and have left me unimpressed.  I felt with my background in film I could make a kick-ass trailer with high production values that would leave all other book trailers in the dust.”  – Tom Epperson


Read the full account of the trip here:

The Basuquero, Part One:  The Jungle

The Basuquero, Part Two:  The City

The Basuquero, Part Three:  The Bracelet


Roberto to the Dark Tower Came

Roberto to the Dark Tower Came

Roberto, a young left-wing South American journalist, receives an ominous phone call: leave the country in ten days, or die. Roberto is being targeted because of a series of articles he’s written exposing government corruption and violence at the highest levels. Roberto believes the voice on the other end of the phone and has every intention of leaving, as soon as he follows a lead on a major story developing in the jungle: thousands of innocent lives are at stake. The book follows him on his perilous journey into the heart of darkness in pursuit of his story. Unknowingly, Roberto is headed toward a confrontation with an evil darker than he could possibly have imagined.

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