Featured Book Reviews from Razorcake Issue 103: Safety in Numbers, Smoke City, Frequently Asked Questions about Being Dead | Razorcake

A deft sense of “slow burn” plotting which includes the more mundane aspects of gang life adds to a deceptive normalcy that leads down a road where-like the author-readers ultimately, unwittingly find themselves in a world of crazy that seems sudden but-looking back-all the road marks leading th …


“Rosson is a gifted writer. Throughout Smoke City, he maintains distinct narrative voices, incorporating media reports and journal entries to add heft and credibility to a story that in lesser hands might not pack as much punch, or sound remotely feasible. Beyond the stylistic elements, though, what Rosson does here is create a cast of cantankerous, difficult characters—then he brings readers around to liking them. ” – Michael Fournier

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