Cryptic Messages and Existential Puzzles Abound in Seb Doubinsky’s ‘Missing Signal’

Described as a “riddle wrapped in a mystery inside a government conspiracy”, the latest novel in the City-States series lives up to its description, as Seb Doubinsky creates a paradox of his own in . Part science fiction wonder, part psychological thriller, Missing Signal is an existential puzzle full of cryptic messages, saturated in anxiety and loneliness, as narrated by Terrence Kovacs, a counter-intelligence agent.

Thought provoking and incredibly entertaining, Seb Doubinsky’s latest novel is a wonderfully quick read that is the perfect pick me up. Full of quirks, questions and complex puzzles ranging in length from a single sentence to a handful of pages, Missing Signal is the perfect getaway that will appeal to seasoned science fiction readers and newcomers alike.

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