NB Magazine’s Linda Hepworth gives Kathe Koja’s new collection, Velocities: Stories 5 stars!

“The consistent thread which links the stories is the author’s eloquent and elegant prose. I loved the myriad ways in which she used language to create a variably-paced rhythmic cadence to her narrative, something which made reading feel like a seamless pleasure rather than something I needed to work hard at … each of them felt idiosyncratically imaginative, unsettling, thought-provoking and memorable.”

Linda Hepworth, NB Magazine

Velocities by Kathe Koja – NB

Where do I start with attempting to convey what an amazing collection of short stories this is? I hadn’t previously read any of Kathe’s writing but I now feel that I want to devour her backlist … as well as to keep an eye out for any future stories from her!

Velocities: Stories

Velocities: Stories

Dark, disturbing, heartfelt, and utterly addictive!

From the award-winning author of The Cipher and Buddha Boy, comes Velocities: Stories, Kathe Koja's second electrifying collection of short fiction. Thirteen stories, two never before published, all flying at the speed of strange.

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