We are excited to announce that galley copies of My Cruel Invention are now available. So if you are a reviewer or blogger and would like to review our poetry collection, please contact us at info@meerkatpress.com to request a copy. Publication date is December 1st, 2015. This book would make a superb gift. *hint hint*

Authors & poems in the collection:

Alex DreppecDance with Rocket Shoes
Alex DreppecPacemaker
Brett FosterTo 5-FU
Clare Louise HarmonOn Violin Pedagogy
Daniel HalesHow Yard Games Are Invented
David MookCruel and Unusual?
Donald IllichInvention of the Trees
Dorene O’BrienDr. Frankenstein’s Lament
F. J. BergmannThe Heaven of the Inventors
F. J. BergmannInstant
FJP Langheim2096
Gwen HartThe Happy Marriage Machine
H.M. JonesFrankensteining
Holly KarapetkovaGagging Iron
Holly KarapetkovaSaw Gin
J.G. McClureA Fable (from the Journal of Chemical Ecology)
Janet McNallyThis is Just an Experiment
Janet McNallyDirect Current
Jean BoninInventing the Clock
Jerry BradleyPity Poor Mercalli
Jesseca CornelsonInfinitely Scalable Model of One Theory of Efficiency
Jessica GoodfellowThe Invention of the Clock Face
Jessica GoodfellowLaGrange’s Problem
Jo Angela EdwinsThe Inventors of Pantyhose
Joel AllegrettiPrepared Piano
Julie E. BloemekePinned
Karen BovenmyerLittle Bone Robot Boy
Karen BovenmyerCadaver Feet
Karen SkolfieldThe Rube Goldberg Contraption for Kissing
Karen SkolfieldMusical Instrument Adapted to Emit a Controlled Flame
Karen SkolfieldApparatus for Facilitating the Birth of a Child by Centrifugal Force
Kathryn RickelJekyll’s Apology
Keith StevensonPhysics Haiku
Kelly CherryAn Idle Moment Some Days before the Trinity Test
Kelly CherryNights in Secret City
Kim RobertsIUDs
Kirsten Imani Kasaireanimator
Kristine Ong MuslimAfter the flood
Laura ShovanEyes in the Back of My Head
Magus MagnusLa Folie
Malka OlderReverse Engineering
Marcela SulakCatherine de Medici and the High Hell
Marjorie MaddoxSixteen-Inch Black-and-White
Marjorie MaddoxH. G. Who?
Marjorie MaddoxInvention
Mia LeoninBefore Eve was a Palindrome
Nolan LiebertI Am A Geothermal Heat-Pump
Norbert GoraHe lit up the World
Rie Sheridan RoseClockwork Galatea
Rikki SanterCodifier
Robert KennyThe Uninventor
Sarah KeyPhrenology Reader for a French Chef in Barcelona
Scott BealCaveat Hat
Shelley PuhakTwo Sonnets for Torricelli, Inventor of the Barometer
Steven WingateOctet for My Unnamed Killer Apps
Susan Bucci MocklerAunt Pearl’s Confessione
Tanis MacDonaldEdison’s Elephant, 1903
Tanya Bryan3D-Printed Skin
Tricia AsklarBall Color Changer
W. Luther JettArchimedes’ Lever
William MinorCras! Cras!
William Winfield WrightThat Day We Both Invented Calculus