We are ecstatic to announce the acquisition of the next book in the City-States Cycle, The Invisible, by the enormously talented author, Seb Doubinsky. The book was acquired by Meerkat Press in a deal for world English language rights, from Matt Bialer of Sanford J. Greenburger Associates literary agency. Publish date will be announced.

Like previous books in the series, The Invisible is a masterfully written dystopian set in a dystopian universe. It’s election time in New Babylon, and President Maggie Delgado is running for re-election but is threatened by the charismatic populist Ted Rust. Newly appointed City Commissioner Georg Ratner is given the priority task to fight the recent invasion of Synth in the streets of the capital, a powerful hallucinogen drug with a mysterious origin. When his old colleague asks him for help on another case and gets murdered, things become more and more complicated, and his official neutrality becomes a burden in the political intrigue he his gradually sucked into. Supported by Laura, his trustful life partner and the Egyptian goddess Nut, Ratner decides to fight for what he believes in, no matter the cost.

“After publishing Seb’s Missing Signal last year, I was anxiously awaiting the next entry in this series, and The Invisible was worth the wait. Like all of Seb’s novels, the journey is supremely satisfying,” says Tricia Reeks, who acquired the novel for Meerkat

Seb Doubinsky says of The Invisible, “I wanted to write an unconventional dystopian noir with political implications that resound with actual realities and Meerkat Press is the perfect publisher for this kind of non-conformist fiction.

About Seb Doubinsky: Seb Doubinsky is a bilingual writer born in Paris in 1963. His novels, all set in a dystopian universe revolving around competing city-states, have been published in the UK and in the USA, and translated into numerous languages. He currently lives with his family in Aarhus, Denmark, where he teaches at the university.

About Meerkat Press: Meerkat Press is an Atlanta-based independent press committed to publishing irresistible, unforgettable prose and poetry. Their books range from literary to genre fiction with quality the common denominator. Visit them online at www.meerkatpress.com.