We are proud to present the cover of Kyle Richardson’s debut novel, a captivating YA paranormal romance set in the steampunk city of Iron Bay. We are really excited about this upcoming release and think the cover captures the atmosphere of the book perfectly!

Beast Heart

Beast Heart

Coming 2020

Book 1 of the Steambound Trilogy. For years, Brielle Lenton has hunted the shape-shifting beasts that prowl Iron Bay—eager to punch her clockwork fist through the chest of every one of those fanged, furred creatures. Creatures that had once been human. The same monsters that killed her mom. Meanwhile, the device attached to Kemple Strat’s heart has begun to fail—a device that’s been holding something monstrous at bay. But his search for a cure has only led to dead ends, and the darkness inside him is beginning to rise.

They are two strangers in a city where carriages rattle across the cobbles and airships rumble through the clouds; and where their own dark pasts continue to haunt them. But when a mysterious hunter arrives—one who appears to have a bone to pick with each of them and isn’t afraid to kill—their two lives suddenly collide: the girl who hunts monsters for a living, and the boy who’s trying to salvage what little humanity he has left. What starts as a dangerous partnership soon spirals into violence and passion, until it threatens to destroy them both.

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About the Author
Kyle Richardson

Kyle lives in the suburban wilds of Canada with his adorable wife, their rambunctious son, and their adventurous daughter. He writes about shapeshifters, superheroes, and the occasional clockwork beast, moonlights as an editor at Meerkat Press, and has a terrible habit of saying the wrong thing at the most inopportune moments. His short fiction has appeared in places such as Love Hurts: A Speculative Fiction Anthology and Daily Science Fiction.

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