We were so pleased to read the review of Cat Rambo’s CARPE GLITTER (a nebula finalist!!) by Damien Lawardorn in the latest Aurealis Magazine (issue #127). We have shared an excerpt below but hope you’ll check out the full review in the magazine, which also always has a wonderful selection of fiction and non-fiction.

Carpe Glitter is one of those stories where an absent character is the most memorable. The grandmother, Gloria Aim (once a famed stage magician), looms over the text, haunting the hallways and the family’s history alike. Gloria’s powerful nonpresence dominates the story. A part of this comes from her role as the agent of dispute between three generations of women.

Carpe Glitter

Carpe Glitter

What do you do when someone else’s past forces itself on your own life? Sorting through the piles left behind by a grandmother who was both a stage magician and a hoarder, Persephone Aim finds a magical artifact from World War II that has shaped her family history. Faced with her mother’s desperate attempt to take the artifact for herself, Persephone must decide whether to hold onto the past—or use it to reshape her future.

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