We were thrilled to get the latest issue of Aurealis Magazine and see a “divine” review of Gerry Huntman’s Guardian of the Sky Realms! Be sure to check out the full review in the magazine and this enchanting middlegrade fantasy!

A divine flight of fantasy… It soars on feathered wings with the message that, while one may inherit expectations, a person can still remain true to themselves.

Aurealis Magazine, #135, Chris Foster
Guardian of the Sky Realms

Guardian of the Sky Realms

Maree Webster—an "almost-emo" from the western suburbs of Sydney—hates school, has few friends, and is obsessed with angels and fallen angel stories. Life is boring until she decides to steal a famous painting from a small art gallery that has been haunting her dreams: swirling reds, grays and oranges of barely discernible winged figures. There, she meets a stranger who claims to know her and stumbles into a world where cities float in the sky, and daemons roam the barren, magma-spewing crags of the land far below. And all is not well—Maree is turning into something she loves but at the same time, fears. Most fearful of all is the prospect of losing her identity—what makes her Maree, and more importantly, what makes her human. Guardian of the Sky Realms takes the reader on a journey through exotic fantasy lands, as well as across the globe, from Sydney to Paris, from the Himalayas to Manhattan. At its heart, it is a novel about transformation. Book two of the series will be released in 2021.
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